learning music
Music can impact so many aspects of our lives, including how we feel. Some music gets you excited and gives […]
We’re in the middle of tax season which can leave everyone a bit frazzled. Throw in some changes to the […]
If you’re planning to go back to work after having a baby, you know that it’s not easy. You’re trying […]
When you hear music, you may begin to feel an emotion. Music can not only provoke emotion but can also […]
Kids are little jumping beans, so any activity that gets them moving is welcomed! Dance activities for kids are one […]
As the nation celebrates Black History Month during February, children across the country will have the chance to learn about […]
sign language
Learning ASL (American Sign Language) is an excellent way for parents and children to communicate. It allows deaf children to […]
Music is powerful in many different ways. From the way it makes us feel to its amazing benefits, where would […]