What a wonderful week we had, the Infants had fun exploring with the color red using their little fingers, paint, and plain white paper. Sensory activities for babies are very important for their development, it enhances memory understanding, and builds nerve connections in the brain. The toddlers had a lot of fun exploring in water on one of our hot days this week, we brought out the sensory tables, spray bottles and bubbles. Water play is huge for development because it helps with release of energy, motor skills, social skills, and can stimulate creativity and imagination. 

Next week we will begin learning about our great country USA!!

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Lesson Plan Highlight: Preschool
Lesson Plan Outline
Name of Lesson: Ice Cream Colors Story and Activity  

Materials needed:
Currently have at center
Construction paper
Laminating paper
Story print out 

Presentation: circle time activity; place the ice cream cone on the floor in the middle of the circle. Read the color story to build the ice cream cone. Each color is associated with an ice cream flavor. While reading, hold up each scoop of ice cream in sequential order to the story and have them tell you the color to insert it into the story. Have one child at a time place each scoop of ice cream on the cone. After that, review the colors in order on the ice cream cone. 

Direct Aim (Purpose of Work): color recognition, rhyme words, language 

Indirect Aim: connect the colors to recognizable ice cream flavors 

Extensions of Work: Talk about what your favorite ice cream flavor is and make a chart 

We are Closed Monday July, 5.
7/12 Cultural Ambassador Visit
7/30 Preschool Art Exhibit @5pm
Attached below is the July Center Calendar & July Snack/Lunch Menu
All Children should be using retractable straw cups/ cups with lids; open straw or spill proof sippy cups are not EEC approved.
Please apply sunscreen in the morning on your child, during our warmer months.
If you are traveling outside of Massachusetts, a COVID test will be needed for your child before returning into the center.
Masks are required when inside the center at all times. 

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